Marissa's ePortfolio: A Reflection of My Academic Journey

Academic Lows
Academic Highs: Selected Works


School?  It's never been my favorite hobby.
But I've managed to get through it long enough.  Currently, I am a 19 year old, second-year student at Foothill college majoring in sociology.  I've been all over the spectrum when it comes to grades-from A pluses to a pathetic F.  I want to focus specifically on my writing in my high school years in this ePortfolio because it is where I varied the most in terms of school work.  I would like people to see that even after my lowest of lows in school, I perservered and never gave up hope of achieving my goals or believing that I couldn't overcome past failures.
I will treat my highs just as I treat my lows in this ePortfolio-as points my life that signify who I was at the time and where I was headed in life. This isn't meant to be a shameful story, but rather a strengthening and even enlightening story. Hopefully, this story speaks for itself.
Please feel free to leisurely surf my site, which I have set up in a nicely organized table of contents.  The biography section just gives a short overview of me, who I am, what I'm doing, and all that good stuff.  The academic lows section is somewhat brief, but it basically describes some of the worst experiences that I had that really set me back in my academic career.  My academic high section, however, has just a small sample of some school work that I have written in my high school years that were well-received by my teachers.  The reflection page is pretty much self-explanatory, where I reflect on my academic journey thus-far and how I've changed into the student that I am today.  You may view the sites in any order as you please, but I tried to arrange the sites in somewhat of an order that would make it easier for readers.
Overall, I would like to point out that I should never be defined as a 'bad' or 'good' student in high school years, but just as a student.  I struggled like any other student has, but I don't let my failures define me-I let my successes do that part, which I am sharing in this ePortfolio for all to see.

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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."  --Aristotle